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Your organization is growing, but does not warrant a full-time General Counsel.  Nonetheless, you want to have confidence that you can reach out and get dedicated and individualized attention from a fractional General Counsel who knows and cares about your organization. Not just outside counsel, but an on-call General Counsel dedicated to you.  We bring years of experience building out legal processes and procedures inside numerous organizations, we can help you with entity formation, employment challenges, contract templates, document review, negotiations, high level strategic legal initiatives - and much more - all at price points that make sense for you.  

Culture Identification

Your organization has its own identity -  culture, mission, vision, and values all combine in a dynamic, elusive and complex "it". You know your mission in theory and when you look around the office and at the team, you feel your culture. But there is an ineffable quality about it. A certain elusive "unknown" that ties it together. And because culture is your primary asset, it is essential that you can easily and clearly articulate it to prospects, clients, and live your values to attract and retain talent that fits  your organization.  The good news is that your culture already exists - we can help you name it, transform it, speak about it, and weave it into all aspects of your organization and live your values in an authentic, effective way. 


Systems Analysis

Organizations work best when they operate like a healthy organism. Body, mind, and soul working together in a cohesive, cooperative, precise and  aligned way. Your mission and values give your organization its "mind", your culture its "soul" but your human resources and operations processes and systems are the body that makes it all happen.  All three parts of this trinity need to work in harmony to succeed. We can help you understand not just what and why your people do what they do, but analyze the ways in which they do it and ensure that your systems and processes result in each limb, organ, and cell of your organization are working optimally.

Operational Efficiency

Efficiency is the secret of all high-performance machines, and your organization and its people and teams are no different. Combining intuitive insight with real-world experience, we help you diagnose your organization and fine-tune its performance. And just like any precision equipment, every single component, from the smallest to the largest, has a vital role to play. From focused, top-down and bottom-up analyses to holistic, business-wide transformations, we help you to identify opportunities and implement processes and solutions to maximize the performance of your entire organization.


Startup + Growth Companies

Alkamie helps early stage start-ups develop and implement processes, discover and implement their ideal culture, and provides cost-effective legal services to get them pulling in revenue and firing on all cylinders. As start-ups head into the growth phase, Alkamie helps to navigate the growing pains of an expanding workforce, operationalize processes and procedures, and transform from early stage to growth or mid-cap stage more gracefully. 

Nonprofit Organizations

Nonprofits have their own unique cultures and needs. From helping to build a mission-first culture, to cost-effectively managing legal needs and operational growth, to maximize the percentage of revenue that is used for the non-profit’s purpose, Alkamie is there. We understand the unique drivers that motivates non-profit employers and members and that spirit and passion are as important as dollars and data.

Law Firms

With decades of big-law and in-house experience, Alkamie helps law firms combine operational excellence and insight with intuitive decision-making processes to empower firm leadership to maximize the spirit and culture of the firm as a whole rather than as a collection of individual practitioners.  We help firms identify culture and talent gaps, areas of improvement to operational processes, and opportunities to build a culture that is healthy, strong, and clear enough to communicate to new clients and/or business opportunities.

Established Companies

Transformation is often most needed in companies that are already established.  Alkamie believes that stability and innovation can go hand in hand. We help established companies ask the difficult questions about what parts of a culture and business need to shift, to ensure they are still the best fit for the company and in alignment with the highest purpose, mission and culture of the company.

About Alkamie

I am committed to excellence - whether exhibited through working full-time while attending law school full-time, to helping others achieve superior results as an HR and operations executive and General Counsel. A midwestern girl at heart, I have carried the lessons of my upbringing with me during my 20+ years spent as a professional, and hard work is in my DNA. But in recent years, I began to realize that something is lacking in the dogmatic adherence to rational, data-driven business decision-making processes that characterize so many workplaces.  

I believe that the only way to truly transform an organization from good to great is by combining operational and leadership processes with deep understanding of the true personality and spirit of the organization. Which is why I created Alkamie – a transformational way to help organizations bridge the chasm between individuals and the entity itself, values and mission, strategy and purpose, and uncover what they are meant to be, and together to achieve the highest level of success.

 Through Alkamie, I am able to help an organization thrive by providing a full range of services - from Fractional General Counsel assistance that provides the dedication of a General Counsel on a cost-effective part-time basis, to operational and administrative leadership support.  When not helping my client’s transform their organizations, I can most likely be found outside taking in the majesty of nature.  

I relish in soul-connections and authentic communication, so I am often found surrounded by friends and family, most often some combination of my husband and three children.  And, finalIy, I believe deeply in my spiritual practices, and I find spiritual nourishment in traveling the world to places that have deep history and sacred stories.


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